The Perfect Weekend!

I was fortunate enough to visit some of the most beautiful places in Norway. Here are some memories turned into words as well as photos :)

I flew in from Copenhagen on a bright Saturday morning to Bergen. Bergen airport is small yet beautiful. It doesn’t fail to impress you! Once you find your way out, you take the bus from the airport to the city center. I had my next train around 12.50 PM. So, the best way to utilize the 3-hour transit was to take the Fløibanen funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen.

It’s a 10-minute walk from the central bus station to Fløibanen where you take the funicular. When I got there around 10.30 AM (by the way, it’s a nice walk from the station), there was a long queue of about 200 people waiting to buy a ticket. Given that my train was at 12.50 PM, it was simply not possible to go through the queue and purchase the ticket. The Jim Neutron in me came up with a work-around – purchase the ticket online and fast forward to the front of the queue! So, I joined the…

Winter 2017 - Norway

Winter might not be regarded as the best time to visit Norway, but it has its own flavor to it... The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

Akershus Fortress
Vigeland Sculpture Park

Fram Museum - The Polar Ship Fram

Norwegian Folk Museum

Nobel Peace Center and Royal Palace


til neste gang...

Nexus 5X - A worthy successor to Nexus 5?

I've been using my Nexus 5 for over a year now. It is by far the best phone I've used so far. My first smart phone was a Samsung Galaxy Grand. Full of bloatware resulted in dropped frames and underwhelming performance. Then I started using a Motorola Moto G (1st gen). Straightway I liked Motorola's take on Android. Loved the close to stock Android experience. Nexus 5 was the successor to Moto G. Even smoother software experience with better specs. Even now, it works as smooth as any other 2015 flagship. So after 2 years, is Nexus 5X a worthy upgrade? 
After using the Nexus 5 for a year, I would say that it has 4 main issues,
1. The camera 2. Battery life 3. Unimpressive speakers 4. Slightly smaller screen size at 4.95 inches (subjective)
Has Google (in partnership with LG) addressed these issues? The short answer is a clear yes! Let's see. 
1. The camera Nexus 5 houses an 8 MP shooter with a LED flash and OIS (optical image stabilization). It's a decent camera in …

Sangakkara ~ The Perfectionist

Kumar Sangakkara, the Prince of Modern Sri Lanka Cricket will ring down the curtain on a remarkable career in this week's test against the Indians at P. Sara Oval, Colombo. My earliest memory of Sangakkara goes way back to early 2000s where he ran out Aravinda de Silva in a tight chase against the mighty Aussies. It was the semifinal of the 2003 cricket world cup in South Africa. People used to call him “Gandassara” back then. After more than 12 years, people around the world absolutely love him and adore him now.
Sangakkara made his debut in the year 2000. I was not much of a cricket follower back then. I started watching cricket in 2003 and have been watching the game ever since then. I’m a very keen reader of the game as well. Sangakkara’s elevation to the next level as a cricketer and my love for the game of cricket sort of coincide in way because both happened in 2003. After a disappointing word cup campaign, he went to Sharjah for a quadrangular that featured Pakistan, Zimba…

The Ultimate Battle

Did you ever think about your greatest enemy? If you are a student, is it the batch top? If you are a batsman, is it the best batsman in the world? If it is a product, is it the category killer? The answer is "HELL NO". Then, who really is your greatest enemy? Who poses the biggest challenge? What is the biggest barrier to success? The answer is quite simple. Your biggest enemy is yourself.  
Sounds a little crazy right?? But if you take a moment and think about it quietly, you will realize that your biggest enemy is nobody else but yourself. Let's try to find the rationale behind this somewhat crazy idea. 
Who should be your greatest enemy? Did you ever think of a definition? In simple terms, your greatest enemy has to be someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses perfectly well. The only person who knows your exact strengths and weaknesses is no one else but you yourself. Thus you become your greatest enemy. 
People who achieve big and reach greater heights have over…

The Internship

The Internship If you have watched the movie "The Internship" by Shawn Levy, the title of this post may bring back fond memories of the awesome life interns enjoy at Google in the United States. But this post is not about the movie or the internships at Google. Today’s post talks about internships in Sri Lanka. But why?? I completed my internship very recently in the IT Systems Development Department of a leading blue chip company in Sri Lanka. Every year hundreds of undergraduates from government universities and students of private educational institutes join the industry as interns to head start their careers. But for some, it is just another compulsory requirement of their degree, diploma or the course they are following. In any case, I will cover certain information about selecting a company, getting started as an intern, life of an intern and post internship era in this blog post. Since this is written largely based on my experience as a trainee IT business analyst, co…

Electronic Supply Chain Security

Folks, it's  been a while since my last blog post. Almost a year I guess. Please accept my apologies. I've been somewhat busy with my university work and last few stages of CIMA. Today's post is an extract from a review paper I compiled sometime back as part of one of my university subjects. Hope you will find it useful. Be safe. Enjoy!
   Abstract: Supply chain management is a ubiquitous topic that has evolved greatly over time. Developments in technology added a new dimension and extended traditional supply chains to electronic supply chains. Although this is a critical aspect of several global businesses today, one major threat continuous to hinder the performance of e-supply chains. Security is this dark cloud that looms over e-supply chains worldwide.
Index Terms:Electronic supply chains, security INTRODUCTION Electronic Supply Chain Management or E-Supply Chain Management is the buzzword among global businesses today. In e-supply chain ma…